Collins Radio Company, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Founded by Arthur Andrew Collins, W0CXX (1909 - 1987). In 1973 North American Rockwell took over (Rockwell-Collins).


At the era of no Internet an long ago before  VHF repeaters , the air companies used the HF bands to communicate  with planes and airports. Thus they used mostly at the states the collins radios for their reliability .
The 32S-3A transmitter was the develop of an HF broadband Transmitter.
Frequency coverage was 3,40 Mhz to 30,00 Mhz .

For Receiving they invent the 51S-1  receiver ..

Wasn't simple to communicate Airports and Airplanes at 60s . Collins Co made equipment, making that functional during years .

Licensed  WN0TUT  1954:  HAYDEN,   COLO.  SWL,  BOYS  LIFE  RADIO  CLUB, HEATHKIT AT-1, S-38C, WINDOM ANTENNA, CW TFC NETS, DX/MM SHIPS. First assignment 1966: Tropical Radio Telegraph Co., Receiving station: Pearl River, LA - WNU.  First  ship   assignment   1967-1968  UNI. of Miami Marine Laboratory,  R/V "JOHN ELLIOT PILLSBURY" c/s KNFA.  RADIO  OFFICERS  UNION:  1968-1998 FREIGHTORS   TANKERS, PASSENGER SHIPS.  Best  assignment:   SS   "Santa Merchedes" c/s WHBH 1978-1983.  W0TUT 1998:   Retired,  CW rag chewing on 20 m. CW, speaks Brazil Portoguese, also comprendos spanish, love to repair the old vintage COLLINS tube radios, but also have knowledge of solid state troubleshooting. DXing on 20 m. CW only and working on the 300 COUNTRY MARK with  inverted  dipole  and  vintage   COLLINS KWM-2A,   (4)  and   COLLINS 51S-1 (2) receivers, trying  to  relive those carefree High School days again I.E. (DXing,Rag Chewing) ARRL,   SOWP,   COLLINS   COLLECTOR   ASSN #1059   1059, ROYAL NAVAL  AMATEUR   RADIO  SOCIETY   # 4622.  Recent   new   equipment   (Old Vintage) S-LINE XMTR 32S-3, ITT MACKAY 3020A receiver,   HALLICRFTER SX99 RCVR. Would  like to hear from  anyone who listened to the Ben Hunter Night Owls over  KFI   mid  Fifties  and  any   R/OS  that  worked at the Arctic WX Stations and QSOed Stan W9NZZ. Would like to receive photos of the COLLINS rigs at the Arctic Weather Stations, I.E. EUERIKA, ALERT, MOULD BAY, etc

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