Yaesu FT-902DM HF transceiver

The FT-902DM is a precision engineered, high performance HF transceiver of advanced design, providing all band coverage (160, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, and 10 meters) on all modes of operation; LSB, USB, CW, FSK, AM, and FM. This transceiver operates at an input power of 180 watts on SSB/CW and 80 watts on AM, FM, and FSK.
Advanced features include PLL (Phase Locked Loop) frequency derivation, digital plus analogue frequency readout with large display LED digits, a built-in Curtis 8044 IC electronic keyer, and memory frequency control circuitry. State-of-the art receiver performance features include rejection tuning, dual-filter variable IF bandwidth tuning, and, for CW, audio peak frequency (APF) tuning for unsurpassed rejection of unwanted signals. Other built-in features include VOX, semi-break in CW with side tone, 25 kHz calibrator, advanced noise blanker, RF speech processor, and a 20 dB RF attenuator for protection against receiver overload.

All circuits, except the transmitter driver and final amplifier stages, are solid state, utilizing modern plug-in printed circuit boards, thus permitting easy maintenance.
The FT-902DM transceiver is entirely self-contained, requiring only an antenna and power source for operation. For base station operation, AC power voltages of 100/110/ 117/200/220/234 VAC may be chosen, though the unit normally is supplied with 234-volt capability. A DC-DC converter unit provides for mobile or portable operation. Selection of AC or DC power source is automatically made when the proper line cord is inserted.
For mobile operation a separate switch is provided on the front panel to turn off the tube heaters while in the receive mode. With the heaters off, current consumption is only 1.1 amps.

Among the available options on economy models FT-902D/SD/DE are the memory unit, the keyer unit, the DC-DC converter, the FM unit, and the cooling fan. Optional equipment on all models are the 600 Hz CW filter and the 6 kHz AM filter.
The entire FT-902DM transceiver weighs approximately 18 kg., and is 342 mm wide, 154 mm high, and 324 mm deep. A die cast front panel and heavy-duty case provide maximum protection against damage from shock and vibration during travel use.
the true rf out power on SSB is 143 watt pep, and 79 watt on AM & FM at 7 Mhz.
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