tubes for sound 
for sound preamplifier  
all are equivalent 12au7 type : CV4003, CV491, ECC82, E82CC, ECC802S, M8136, 12AU7, 12AU7A, 12AU7WA, 5814, 5814A, 5963, 6067, 6189 & 7730

boxes as an art

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Indicators tubes provides visual indication, usually in the form of green light, on an area called the target inside the tube 
 EM80, UM80, EM81, EM84, UM84, EM804, UM804,  6E5, 6G5, 6H5, 6U5, 6DG7, UM87, 2E5, 2G5, 1629 6FG6 1N1 1M3 DM70

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