Radio Amateurs of Thrace, Hellas sv7 Land

                                          (we say for Greece)

sv7aif Vagelis  (sk), sv7aii Nickos, sv7aps Pashalis, sv7co Nick (middle lower), sv7apq Achilles, sv4kj Yorgos (from Karditsa visitor sk), sv5ts Vasilis from Rhodes island (visitor)

 sv7aps Pashalis, sv7tl Dimitris, sv7mu Hristos (sk), sv7qi Harris, sv7bip spiros, at right sv7gx

 sv7apq Achilles, sv7aps Pashalis, sv5ts Vasilis from Rhodes island (visitor), sv4kj Yorgos (from Karditsa visitor sk), sv7co Nick, sv7aif Vagelis, sv7aii Nickos. After dinner  Qth Alexandrupolis.

                                                       sv7aps Pashalis

                                           sv7apq parabeam testing

                           above sv7bay Babis Service at the Thassos island sv7a repeater's antenna,     lower sv7aps,  Pashalis, sv7aff Yannis

 At the first(?) Ham Fest in Athens 1994

                                           VHF Contest from sv7aps sv7apq  Thrace Region NE HELLAS
                                           Demitris SV7CHP  town Drama  (silent key)

                                          sv7qi Harris

                                          North View from my home in Komotini Thrace Greece

                                          At the top of Thassos sv7a repeater winter service


                                             Radio Antiques

                                           with sv7aps  London Ham Fest  1994 at Lee Valey

                                        Marine sailing course .  
  Hellas (foreigners call our country Greece), is twined with the seamanship since 3.000 b.c. \ Cycladic civilization period. The Aegean sea is filled with each culture , and one of the most beautiful Mediteranean climatic environment.. Well .. what else?   sailing,        man and wind .
    VHF CONTEST SEPT. 1990.  PANGEON MOUNTAIN east Macedonia,
                                           contact with Italian stations 144.3 Mhz tropo
                         sv7bay Babis , sv7aps pashalis, sv7apq achilles , sv7aff yannis, sv7aig Petros (sv8aig now)

                                                          training   Vertical polarization 
                                                           Nick sv7co & Sakis sv7rq (now sv2rq)
                                                          studing vertical polarization during VHF contest 1989
                                                          sv7aif Vangelis holding thw area and sv7apq

                                 In  Orestiada, Evros, Panagiotis sv7bvp (s/key) with his son Manos (and Ilias not in pic now radio amateurs too)  and my son Nick (youngest child)


During  the army  service on telecommunications (you see the GRC 9 ?)
 Arguments to be used with people who dont understand why people
"still use amateur-radio in the internet and cellphone age"
In this thread i want to change the usual way
how we respond to those kind of sceptics.
Amongst the first answers we give to them is always that
"wait for a catastrophy and then you know" -element.

As true that may be in some places more than in others...

...skeptics dont bite that, they know as much as we do - that those cases are few and rare, and what we do daily is something else.

So lets find answers that appeal to THEIR LOGIC .. not to ours.

1) i reach places where internet and sms does not exist
- skippers out on sea
- polar stations
- islands too far off to receive broadband
- australian outback
- 3rd world countries with bad infrastructure
- airplanes
- space stations

2) our groundwork is what enabled manufacturers to build your WLAN hub, and your cellphone equippment.

-today there are countless radioamateurs sitting in the Space agencies,
and research and development facilities and hardware design labs in every single cell phone & wireless devices company around the planet.
Nokia, Motorola, Apple, Samsung.. you name it.

3) experience shows that accessing members of our community through radio builds bridges and friends in far away places much better than attempting the same through social media.

4) the "sports" aspect and the feeling of having achieved something does not come from a skype-connection.

But when you have build a proper antenna, gained the skill to bounce your signals from the ionosphere, moon or amateur-sattelite to another continent and manage to make contact to your friend on the other side of the planet w/o beeng dependant on the mercy of your internet service provider
then that is a whole different form of satisfactory feeling...

5) nowadays we have our PCs attached to the radios, or the PC becomes the radio (SDR) and we develop and use modern and very efficient
TEXT-CHAT operating modes (dont bore a non ham with gibberish like "psk31")

6) we can poll emails and news from the internet, via amateur radio when we are out of cell phone and wireless-internet range by use of ham-radio internet gatways systems. (jPSKMAIL i.e.)


just a few examples, dont but the emergency-work so much in the foreground as important that may be to YOU.. it is irrelevant to the sceptics, you will only bore them to death with it. Find different arguments...

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